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Thinking of booking Cribb Photography for your wedding? Here’s what to expect from first contact through to completion.

After you’ve chosen the perfect venue and set your date, the next big decision will be who you want to capture your special day. Do not underestimate the importance of this choice, your photographs will be one of the only reminders you have looking back at your wedding day. Each photographer will have their own unique style and editing technique, so make sure you research well. If you feel that we could be suitable for your big day, then you’re ready to move forward. First thing to do is obviously make sure I am available on your date, I regularly take bookings 2 years in advance, particularly in peak season (May through to September) so don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling.

If I’m available, the next step is the initial consultation. This can be held anywhere you wish, usually I come visit you both at your home address, but I have been known to host wedding meetings at coffee shops, pubs, or even local parks. You may have arranged to see a whole bunch of different photographers, or have done enough previous research to just meet with one, either way the meetings are generally the same. I am not a salesman, I do not give the ‘hard sell’ and all meetings have no obligation to book, these first contact meetings are for us to meet face to face (emails and facebook messages are so impersonal) and get to know each other a little. I bring a collection of demo albums, go through what each of my packages include, point you in the direction of some of the other options I offer (such as a photobooth and the stop motion wedding video) and will answer openly and honestly any questions you may have.

If you are unsure what kind of thing you should be asking a potential wedding photographer, here’s a few pointers:

  • Can I see an example of a full day package? Photographers will usually only share their best 5 or 6 images from one particular wedding, but you want to be safe in the knowledge that they will capture all the emotion and little details of your day.
  • How many weddings have you photographed and what qualifications/experience do you have? With the accessibility of digital photography, the wedding industry has become heavily saturated with a broad range of ability levels, from the heavily qualified and experienced professional shooter, to the everyday ‘man with a camera’ who fancies earning a few quid on the side. Experience and knowledge of their equipment plays a massive part in how successful a wedding photographer is, would one of your guests who owns a ‘fancy camera with a big lens’ know all the hidden spots at your venue, or be prepared if the unpredictable British weather lets you down?
  • What if your camera breaks? Every photographers nightmare, but it happens! So you need to be confident that if something unexpected were to happen, that the photographer has a back up solution. This is one of the (many) reasons that a good quality photographer is not cheap, top end photography equipment is expensive, but having to buy a back up to everything as well, you can imagine it drives my wife nuts!
  • What if something happens to you? I was asked  recently ‘what if you break your leg the day before our big day?’ Well the answer was I’d hop! Joking aside, what if the unforeseen happens? Is there a back up to not just the equipment, but the photographer himself?
  • Are you insured? Photographers insurance covers a lot of things, what if one of your guests trips over a camera bag and gets injured? What if damage is caused to the venue because of the photographer? What if the photographer falls ill during the day and cannot continue, would you be compensated? A lot of venues will not allow a photographer to shoot your wedding without valid public liability insurance, so make sure they have this in place and are willing to send a copy to your venue if requested.
  • Are my images safe? Three words……Backup, backup and back up again! How does your photographer ensure that if there’s a hard drive failure or corrupt SD card your precious images wont be lost forever.

These are just a few of the things to discuss on your initial meeting, a reliable, professional photographer will have no issue answering any of these questions, and anything else you may want to know.

After this meeting I leave you to talk things through with your partner, I ‘pencil in’ your booking for 7 days after the initial consultation for you to make a decision, meaning I  wont take any inquiries for your date during that period. If you decide that Cribb Photography is the perfect match for you and your wedding, then we move forward with the booking and a digital invoice is sent to you. A deposit of £200 is required to secure your booking, once this has been paid you are safe in the knowledge that your wedding date is confirmed.

As time moves on, and your wedding quickly approaches (trust me, it will sneak up on you!) I am available to answer any more questions, and meet up again as much or as little as you wish. My aim is to make the photography side of things as relaxing and stress free as possible. If you have booked one of my full day packages, a pre-wedding shoot (also known as an engagement shoot) is included in the price. This comes highly-recommended, and is something I decided to include as standard from our own experience getting married. Being in front of a camera is very daunting to the majority of us (me included!) and the pre-wedding shoot acts as a practice run for your wedding day. The location is up to you, popular places include beaches, woods or parks, or could even be at your home or your wedding venue. During this shoot, we get to know what works best for you and hopefully get any awkwardness out of the way before the wedding day.  You’ll receive approx 30-40 images with full printing rights on disc shortly after the session. To see examples of a pre-wedding shoot please visit my blog or my wedding portfolio page.

Approximately 2 weeks before the big day, we’ll meet up again to go through the final details such as timings, locations and any special requirements,  and triple-check we know where we need to be and when. If you are having a wedding rehearsal at the church I’ll try my best to be there to introduce myself to the vicar and find out what limitations there are during the service (don’t worry if I’m not able to make it, I’ll send you with a few questions for the vicar) Please be aware that all churches are different on whether or not photos are allowed during the service, some allow complete freedom to the photographer, others will not allow any photos at all during the service. If this is important to you, please check with the vicar before booking the church.

All there is to do now is enjoy the final build up to your wedding, and I’ll see you again on the day at the arranged place and time. A detailed breakdown of the ‘typical’ wedding day (is there such a thing?) can be seen on my Packages page. Generally, I’ll be there from early in the morning to capture the getting ready stage, right through to the first dance and beyond. If you’ve included the Photobooth  in your package this will be set up during the gap between the night and day ‘do’ and will run 8-11pm. As you can see it’s a long day, sometimes working 15-16 hours days, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

After the wedding, I head home for some well earned sleep, then back up all your images. In the next couple of days, I’ll post a small preview for you on my blog and facebook  page (if you allow me to), but the whole collection may take 4-6 weeks for completion depending on how busy I am during this time. I understand how excited you may be to see your images, so I’ll do everything in my power to get them to you as soon as I can. If you’ve selected my album package, I then request your favourite 40 images, which I then use to create your album, sending a proof version through to you for finalising before being sent to print. The album may take a further 3-4 weeks to arrive after your signing off the proof.


Happy Anniversary Jade and Liam!

One year ago today, I shot one of my favourite weddings so far, Jade and Liam at the Poacher’s Inn, Boston, Lincolnshire. Due to me being the world’s worst blogger, it has taken me until now to share some of their beautiful images. I loved everything about this wedding, Jade’s attention detail and artistic crafty flair helped make the set of images one of my best yet.

Pre Wedding Shoot – Laura and Ryan – PAINT FIGHT!!!

After meeting Laura and Ryan at the Lincs Wedding Fayre they explained that although they had booked another photographer for their wedding, they had lost confidence in them and had made the difficult decision to change who they used to capture their special day.

Our initial meeting took place at Brook Farm, just past Caistor, Lincolnshire, a beautiful farm house run by Laura’s parents, and I couldn’t imagine taking them away to another location for their pre wedding shoot.  As we were flicking through my portfolio, they saw a shoot I did last year and had to have a crack at the paint fight shoot themselves. I have to say it was a massive success, take a look for yourselves…

Pre wedding shoots come free with all my full day wedding photography packages, visit for more information.

Stop Motion Wedding

18 months ago, I was booked to photograph the wedding of Amy and Tim at the Oaklands Hotel, Grimsby. Unfortunately, as they wasn’t getting married until 4pm, and it was in the middle of winter, the opportunity to photograph in my usual style in the beautiful grounds of the Oaklands was a bit limited. So we thought we’d try something new….

The Stop Motion Wedding was a concept I’d seen done by a company in the Midlands, and my as my background is in Media and Animation, I couldn’t wait to give this a go. Amy and Tim were very willing to be my trial run for this new optional extra, and the final outcome gave the couple something totally unique to the area. 

 More recently I have been focusing solely on the photography packages, but feel now is a great time to push this novel take on the wedding video more, and start to build up a collection of stop motion wedding videos.

Please take a look, and if you like what you see and feel this would be the perfect way to capture your special day visit to get in touch.

Megan and Karl Merrin

Megan and Karl got married at Cleethorpes Town Hall and went on to have a garden party reception at Megan’s mums home in Ulceby. The weather just about held out for us to get some shots down at the seafront, but the unfortunately the weather wasn’t as kind to us later on in the day. Luckily marquees and gazebos had been used to keep the guests dry, and a stunning large summer house had been set up to rival any local wedding venue.

Yasmin and Marc – Eloping to Cleethorpes

A few months back I was contacted via Facebook about photographing a very small wedding at Cleethorpes Registry Office. Yasmin and Marc from Retford in Yorkshire holiday in Cleethorpes every year with their young children and a couple of close friends, and had been planning to get married in secret during this year’s trip to the coast! The booking was finalised, but as they were from out of town, we didn’t meet face-to-face until just before the wedding, when they arrived with very small group. The wedding itself was the second time I’d shot a ‘2 and 2’ wedding (the bride and groom and just two witnesses in attendance) and was very intimate and was exactly how the bride and groom wanted it to be. After the service we had a little walk down to Cleethorpes Sea Front to capture some beautiful wedding photography, with the bride and groom getting stopped several times to be congratulated be the Cleethorpes locals. Yasmin had asked me previously if I could get a photo to them that day that they could use to announce their marriage to their unsuspecting family back home, so off I went to quickly edit a couple of images before I headed off to another job in the afternoon. All in all, it was a lovely morning with the group, and all just a 2 minute walk from my doorstep! Who knows, maybe Cleethorpes could become the new Gretna Green!

Paul and Laura Kingswood

My first wedding of the summer this year came later than usual, and I shot Laura and Paul’s big day at the beautiful Oaklands Hotel, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire at the end of May 2015.

I met Paul and Laura after their original photographer had to cancel the booking due to unforeseen circumstances. I was recommended to them by an old friend from sixth form, and after our initial consultation, they quickly confirmed the booking. We held the pre wedding shoot at my new favourite location, Willingham Woods, just near Market Rasen, early spring and got some absolutely stunning images, making me look forward to their wedding even more!

The wedding day came around, and I met with Laura and her entourage at the Oaklands hotel, in the stunning, but very hot, bridal suite (fingers crossed for air-con next time!) The day ran to perfection, and the staff at the Oaklands were first class as usual.

The evening saw my own photo booth, The Motobooth (Mo’s and Laughter included!) make an appearance, and once again went down an absolute storm! Remember, the booth can be added to any of my full day wedding photography packages for a discounted rate, see

On a final note, this wedding was the first time I have worked with an assistant/second shooter, and helped make the day run a lot smoother, even just having an extra pair of hands to hold the reflector or round up the family members made a massive difference. So thank you Leigh, I hope to work with you again in the future.

John and Rachel

Darren and Vicki

After an insane pre wedding shoot (see my facebook page!) Vicki and Darren’s big day was soon here. On arrival to Vicki’s mum’s house, the heavens decided to open and torrential rain hammered Lincolnshire, but like they say, it’s the one thing you cant control! All my plans for the stunning gardens at Healing Manor looked at major risk, but luckily, as we arrived at the reception after a beautiful service at Humberston Church the sun broke through and what was a wet miserable morning had transformed to a beautiful day! Now to tackle my first attempt at the heart shaped group photo that the bride requested!!

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